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You have just finished building your website, and you’re expecting that it’s going to make your business BOOM, but then you’re devastated when you see that nobody has visited your website ONCE.

If this reminds you at all about yourself, then keep reading, because what you are about to learn will make your website start to get a massive increase in traffic.

And no, it has nothing to do with the theme colors or even SEO, because we have already covered that.It’s something that builds the main purpose of your website, yet it’s mentioned so rarely that most people have seemed to forget about it.

Your website isn’t getting any traffic because it has 0 VALUE.

“What do you mean by that?”

Your website serves little to no purpose for your audience. 

Your audience feels extremely interested in discovering what you have to offer on your website after you mysteriously promote it on your social media, just to find out that you’re talking about yourself the entire way through and you’re trying to get them to book a call with you like a desperate person.

Vigilant people(your audience) like real value. If they don’t see how it’s worth spending their time going through your website, they will just click off.

You need to add more value. 


1. Create an Email Newsletter

First, you need to create an Email Newsletter with the provider of your choice.

Then you need to create a   landing page for that newsletter on your Website.

Now that you have your landing page set up, you will promote your newsletter on social media.

From then on, you can provide your list with value, while also pitching them your products once in a while, which gets you an extra income source.



2. Create an E-book

First, you need to create an e-book. We aren’t going to show you how to do it because we are here to teach you something else. 

Then, you’re going to create a landing page on your website about that e-book. You can either sell the e-book for a low price($5-$20), or ask for their email in return for the e-book.

Then, like the first way, you will promote it through social media, and then your audience can give you an extra income source.

3. Set up Free Consultation Calls

If your business helps people achieve something, setting up consultation calls is a very good way to increase traffic. Every beginner struggles, and they will NEVER say no to free help.

You can set up a booking page over on Calendly, and then embed it on your website. 

From then, you will promote your consultation on social media as a way to achieve your audience’s greatest desire for free. Obviously, they won’t be able to resist.

A man and a woman communicating with each other online.

4. Use Hotjar

 Hotjar is a web analytics and user feedback tool that helps you understand how visitors interact with your website. It offers features like visitor recording, heat mapping, and more. 

By utilizing Hotjar, you can see what problems your website has so you can fix them and improve your traffic.

Hotjar allows you to see where visitors pause the most, their mouse movements, where they have difficulties, where they focus the most, etc. 

Congratulations on finishing this life-changing blog post. Make sure to try all 3 of these steps to increase your website’s traffic.


But, if you try all three of the steps and it doesn’t increase your traffic, feel free to contact us and we will help you out.

Click Here if you want to directly contact us!

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended solely for informational purposes and does not provide any guarantees or assurances regarding specific outcomes.


You can add value to your website by:

  1. Creating an Email Newsletter
  2. Creating an E-book
  3. Offering free Consultation Calls
  4. Utilizing tools like Hotjar for better insights.

Creating an Email Newsletter with platforms like ConvertKit or Mailchimp allows you to engage with your audience regularly. By promoting the newsletter on social media and providing valuable content, you can entice visitors to explore the rest of your website after signing up.

  1. Create an e-book
  2. Set up a landing page on your website
  3. Promote it on social media to attract your audience.
  4. You can either sell your E-book or ask for their Email in exchange, which is our personal favorite.

Offering free consultation calls through a booking page on Calendly, embedded on your website, is enticing for your audience, especially beginners looking for assistance, who are still not sure if they should purchase your product.

Aside from you establishing a relationship with your audience by helping them for free, through Free Consultation Calls you can also nurture your audience so that by the end of it, they’ll want to opt in for your paid products.

Hotjar provides web analytics and user feedback, offering insights like:

  • Visitor recordings
  • Heat mapping

This allows you to understand visitor behavior, including where they pause, mouse movements, difficulties faced, and focus areas, helping you optimize your website for better results.

Of course! Combining an Email Newsletter, E-book, and FREE Consultation Calls, along with Hotjar analytics, can create a comprehensive strategy for boosting your website’s traffic.

You can utilize website builder tools or platforms like WordPress to create dedicated landing pages. Besides making your Landing Page visually appealing. You need to ensure they clearly communicate the value you offer.

While not mentioned in the blog post, tools like Canva, Google Docs, or Adobe InDesign can be helpful for creating visually appealing E-books.

If you’ve tried all the mentioned strategies and see no improvement, feel free to contact us directly, so we can personally help you increase your site’s traffic.

Click here to reach out for personalized assistance.

Results may vary, but consistently applying these strategies and monitoring analytics should show improvements over time.

Depending on your market, it may take a shorter period to achieve your desired results, but even if you aren’t seeing results, as long as you continuously monitor and improve these strategies accordingly, you will see results eventually.

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